Trovazon eBay & Amazon Arbitrage Software

Find profitable in-demand low competition products to sell on eBay & Amazon

Trovazon arbitrage software helps you to find highly-profitable and reliable arbitrage opportunities to resell on eBay, Amazon and Walmart.

Trovazon eBay Amazon Arbitrage Software

What Makes Trovazon Different?

eBay/Amazon US&UK Marketplaces

Search, find, list and get full details of products either U.S or UK Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

Performance Optimized​

Find only profitable matches and get all details within seconds with Trovazon's multi-threading support.

Detailed Results

Each process is designed to find most reliable results. Therefore, you will find a detailed result for each products.

User Protection

Don't let other Trovazon users copy your listed products on eBay! Trovazon's protection system will protect your eBay account from other Trovazon users.

Free ASIN Grabber

Trovazon comes with "ASIN Grabber" module. Grab unlimited products from Amazon with their ASINs Price, Category, BSR and much more. It's totally FREE!
Note : A few new features for this module will be added soon.

Advanced Export Options

In a few clicks export all your favourite products to Excel or Csv files.

Proxy Support

Trovazon comes with Public & Private proxy support.

Get eBay Sellers' Items

You can scrape eBay Sellers' " Complete", " Buy Now" or "Sold" lists quickly! You can also set the price range too.

Search By Keyword

...Or maybe you just want to find the right product in your niche by using a keyword. No problem! You can search, find and scrape products by using keywords.

Free Updates

We stand behind our awesome software. Trovazon comes with free update plan for all active customers. You will get all updates and new features instantly!

Instant Access

Choose a subscription plan, download and start using Trovazon instantly, no need to wait!

No Process Queue

No one likes to wait in line at stores, why would you have to wait for 40 minutes to get your results? We do not queue your search and find requests, like many other services do. Just click and start!

Powerful Filtering

Our advanced filtering helps you to increase your speed in finding the perfect product you are looking for.

Friendly Interface

The interface of Trovazon is simple, clean and really easy to use.

Use Folders, Save time!

Use Trovazon's folders to save your lists. You will not lose any detail of good opportunities. Time Saver.

Non-API Software

You don't need to share your account information with Trovazon. It will find and get all product details without using an API. Your account is safe with Trovazon.

New Features !

We follow our roadmap and continually improve our software. New features are coming soon! Stay tuned!

Watch it IN Action

Watch it in action and discover how Trovazon can help you achieve your eBay - Amazon arbitrage goals.

No one likes to wait in line at stores, why would you have to wait for 40 minutes to get your results? Trovazon is a Windows based software and doesn’t queue your requests, like many other services does! It allows you to work faster and to find most profitable arbitrage opportunities within seconds. Just click and start!

Work with Trovazon


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to answer! If you don't see your question here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Trovazon is a well-designed and powerful software. It has algorithms that can find products both on eBay, Amazon and Walmart in seconds. Also Trovazon uses an advanced image comparison algorithm to compare eBay and Amazon product images to confirm results' reliability! Even these back-end features are enough on their own to understand the potential and power of Trovazon. By adding other features you can understand how powerful Trovazon is.

Instantly! You will be able to download Trovazon from your profile page immediately after a successful subscription.

Trovazon currently supports USA, UK and probably for the next update, we will be announcing other marketplaces too.

No, not yet. Trovazon is designed to make research easier and more efficient on eBay and Amazon but we already have started to develop this feature.

In a few clicks, you can export all your favorite products to Excel or CSV files.

Yes, you can cancel your Subscription Plan at any time. When cancelling a subscription plan, you agree to delete any products and bonuses which formed part of the initial purchase agreement. 

Keep Trovazon Updated!

We frequently update our software to stay ahead of Amazon, eBay and Walmart’s changes and to accommodate the needs of our users.

Current Version : / Apr. 12, 2021
Latest Feature : Walmart Module
Work Smarter with Trovazon

Find profitable products with less effort!

No matter if you are a new starter or retail arbitrage expert, Trovazon will help you to avoid wasting time and effort on products that don't meet your goals.

We stand behind our software...

...and new features are coming soon! Therefore, The fees may change with new updates for new users.

So don't miss your chance and register today to get the early bird discount! Use the TROVAZON10 promo code to get 10% off!

And yes! This is a limited time offer!

Our Pricing

Choose The Plan That Fits Your Business


$49,90 / mo

For those just starting out


$64,90 / mo

Most popular plan for serious marketers


$79,90 / mo

Everything for who need more results

The max # of Instances allowed


Multi-Threading (eBay)

Campaign Folder (eBay)
Maximum eBay Result per Process
Multi-Threading (AMZ)
Maximum AMZ Result per Process
Export Items (CSV, Excel)
The Maximum number of "Save Folders"
3 Folders
Unlimited Products
10 Folders
Unlimited Products
25 Folders
Unlimited Products
AMZ ASIN Grabber
Proxy Support
SellerID Protection
from other Trovazon Users
Instant Download
Online Support
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24/7 Helpdesk
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